Friday, September 5, 2014

30 playable levels set in 5 unique worlds, all with new game-play mechanics that will keep you both challenged and entertained! After beating into submission the unhappy inhabitants of 'Zombification Emancipation”, use the Mechanical Wings in the “Robotic Rebellion” for a nice double-jump and try to find the sweet-spot when blasting the dreaded Meleebots!
Then its on to the slippery slopes of the “Snowpocalypse”! Beware the sudden avalanches and falling ice-cycles, or you'll never make it to the “Rumble in the Jungle”! Swing from vines, flip from platforms, avoid or destroy the man-sized carnivorous plant-life, but above all,
If you defeat all obstacles, there is one last test for those who would turn back the clock to save the world- the dreaded “Lavaliscious” world! Teeming with terrifying terrors let loose when the quakes languished the liquified lava upon the land, this will prove to be the mightiest challenge in Nick and Jane's collective quest!
Are you skilled enough to lead them to victory!?

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